About Me

I work with people who are tired of the struggle to lose weight. I help them lose weight effortlessly and KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD!

Hi there! I’m Joanne… and it hurts my heart when I see people going on diet after diet, obsessing about food and their body, depriving themselves, being unhappy, only to lose some weight and then gain it back again…. because that was ME! And I know what a painful cycle this is…

As a Certified Health Coach & Master of Habit Change, I help you re-wire your brain so that being healthy and choosing the right foods and habits becomes second nature.  I help you create a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain so that you get results that LAST.

…You know, I wasn’t always the healthiest. In fact I was far from it for years. I struggled with food and body issues for most of my life.  It wasn’t until I developed a HEALTHY MINDSET that allowed me to eat anything, still lose weight and maintain my results.  I want to show you how you can do it too! I combine my Health & Life Coaching Certifications to give you a NEW APPROACH and NEW MINDSET to healthy living.