Success Stories

Susan W.

“If you are looking for a kind and compassionate coach that gets to the root of what is stalling your weight loss, Joanne is the coach for you! She helped me break through my blocks, lose 10 pounds, and my energy level has increased dramatically, while helping me develop healthier habits!”

Cheryl D.

“When I decided to work with a coach, I was looking for someone who could challenge me as well as provide a safe and compassionate place to grow – I found this in Joanne. Joanne’s coaching helped me identify my underlying blocks and take the necessary steps to make changes. Thanks to Joanne, I now have healthier habits and greater energy!””

Martin C.

“Working with Joanne was a true pleasure. I’m a diabetic and going into the program my sugar levels were at 9.9 on my A1C test. When I was finished they had dropped to 6.9! The doctors had changed my prescriptions a bit, however the doctor did call to tell me that the meds would not have changed the number that much. She was quite surprised and advised to keep doing what I was doing! Joanne helps you look at food, your body and your thoughts in a whole new way to be able to change detrimental thought patterns which in the end change your behavior. I highly recommend her service!”

Robin M.

“Joanne is an awesome coach! When clients do the work to keep moving forward and learn something each week from calls, there is no chance of failure! I am so happy that I did this program with Joanne! I learned so much from her and have a base to move forward and continue with necessary changes in my life. I feel better prepared for anything that may come up in the future! I definitely recommend this program for anyone looking for a change!”

James V.

“I met Joanne at a talk she had at Goodness Me. I responded to her positivity, presentation and overall message. We started working together shortly thereafter and my experience with Joanne was amazing! She takes her time with you each session, really listening to what you say. She provides guidance along the way, gently navigating you through your thoughts and struggles. I looked forward to our weekly sessions, knowing that I had someone in my corner rooting for me. I recently finished my 90 days with Joanne and can honestly say that I am in a better place overall, and that’s all because of her guidance.”

Denise C.

“The Total Body Reset – Group Cleanse allowed me a chance to better understand which foods were affecting my abdominal bloating and discomfort. Having to be accountable to someone else made the cleanse easier to accomplish then it would have been if I had attempted it on my own. The cleanse provided great insight into what foods are best for my body to be at its healthiest. Thanks, Joanne for the positive encouragement and motivation!”